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The Two Equators


by: Mdeline

Today we went on a tour around Quito, Ecuador. We saw both of the “equators”.

If you haven't heard about it then maybe you don't know that in the 17 hundreds a group of scientists supposedly found the equator. But, later it was discovered that their measurements were off by about 200 meters. Before the actual equator was found a big town was built around the equator. This town was named the Middle of the World. The town included a church (which the equator went through), shops, restaurants, a bull fighting ring, and other buildings. The only thing is that no one actually lives in the town; it is just for show. The church isn't actually used, the only buildings that are actually used for actual purposes other than as tourist attractions are the restaurants and shops.

There is a museum at the actual equator. There were some experiments to do that had to do with the equator. The first one was with water spinning different directions in a basin. First, the museum guide placed a basin on the equator. Then he poured some water into it and then he removed the plug from the basin. When he dropped some leaves into the water they went straight down. There was no whirlpool, no real movement of the water at all, except for the slowly decreasing water level. When the guide put the basin in the Southern Hemisphere the leaves whirled counter-clockwise and in the Northern Hemisphere they went clockwise. The next experiment had to do with resistance differing on the equator and in a hemisphere. In one of the hemispheres if one clasps their hands together and raises their arms and then another person tries to pull their hands down, it will be easier for the person with their hands clasped to resist getting their arms pulled down than if they were on the equator. The next experiment was to balance an egg on a nail sticking into a wooden pole on the equator. Since the gravity is pulling straight down on the egg it would be easier to balance it at the equator than in either hemisphere. Maya, Dad, and I all balanced the egg and gotcertificates.

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We Made It

by: Ryan

We left our house at 6:00am and arrived at our hotel at 9:00pm our time (11:00 pm Quito, Ecuador time). I am so glad that Tami picked a nice hotel for our first few days here and the shuttle from the airport was an absolute necessity. When we finished with immigrations and customs and were finally permitted to proceed to the pickup area, we were met with complete pandemonium. Thanks to Tami's planning there was a driver with our name on a placard and all we needed to do was follow him. If Tami had not arranged this I am sure that I would have gone into complete jerk mode and things might not have started so well. Anyway so far so good, but I do have a question. Did I get taller and wider or did the passenger compartment of the plane shrink? If anyone has the answer please let me know.

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About Madeline

by: Madeline

Okay, so I am the eldest child, out of my sister Maya and I. I am Madeline, the kid on the right side of the graduation from 6th grade photo. So about me, I am 11, almost 12 years old. On the 21st I will be 12. I go to school with my best friend Kira. Some of my other friends are Kristen, Duke, Austin, Rebecca, Erin and a bunch of others. I have to leave behind my guinea pig, Brownie. I will miss him so, so, so much. I will also miss all of my friends. I would be going to middle school next year, but I guess not. Now I will be attending the my mom is home schooling me when we travel around the world school. I am excited but I am also very nervous about the change of environment.

I am a shy person, except around my friends where I become an exuberant, laughing maniac! I love to read and draw. Some of my favorite books are: The Percy and the Olympians series, the Warriors series, the Maximum Ride books, the Dragon Slippers, Dragon Flight and Dragon Spear books, of course the Harry Potter series, and the Children of the Lamp series, and many, many more. I will post a list on the blog of all of them. I also love writing. I am writing a story called The War of Anlania. It is about a camp of orphaned kids who… well I guess you will only find out if you read my story that I will/might post on this blog (it is still in progress). Ha ha! JL I am also an animal loving person. I love all types of animals from fluffy rabbits to slimy worms, from tigers (and ligers) to Madagascar hissing cockroaches; I love them all. Some of the only animals that I don’t like are sharks and other big fish. Though I guess I don’t like leeches or some species of bugs either, but oh well. As my mom said, I would love to go to European countries like France, Spain, Ireland, and most of all Greece. I am fascinated with Greek mythology. So I guess that is all for now.

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What Not To Wear

by: Ryan

Three pairs of pants, two pairs of shorts, two long-sleeve shirts, six t-shirts, multiple pairs of underwear and socks, and eight weeks away from home. I guess when you consider the fact that the preceeding list would be considered extensive by the inhabitants of most of the places that we are visiting I should not be concerned, but I am. What will I wear?

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Many Many Things To Do

by: Ryan

There are nine days before we depart and twenty days worth of things to do. I have seen Tami’s stress level rising over the last few days and now it is my turn. There are so many little things that need to be done; I am wondering if we will finish them all. Wish us luck.

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